Catholic Schools


Within this area, teachers will find articles, news or even an agenda specially designed for the entire interest of the OIEC community. Its content is thought and designed for every moment of celebration or recollection of the year.

In addition, it is an area always open to the contributions and suggestions made by the teachers.

Proposal of PASTORAL ACTIONS to share the Faith of each month

# Month Topic Explanation Activity
1 October SAINT OR SAINT most important saint of the locality/country All countries with a strong Catholic Christian background have a patron saint. Which is the most venerated saint in your country? Make a montage to share that Saint: his or her biography and history, his or her miracles, hymn... How is his or her day celebrated?
2 November RELIGIOUS EVENT most important in your city/country There is no better way to get to know the culture, roots and history of a country than through its festivals and celebrations. They are the result of centuries of tradition and are rich in the culture and beliefs of each region. Make a video presenting the most important religious festival of the country or city, telling something of its history, traditions, costumes, food, liturgical expressions and expressions of faith... Some interviews may also appear.
3 December ADVENT - CHRISTMAS Advent (Latin: adventus Redemptoris, 'coming of the Redeemer'), the first period of the Christian liturgical year, is a time of spiritual preparation for the celebration of the birth of Christ. Hold a video conference to tell how Advent and Christmas are celebrated in each country. After this information, each group sings a typical Christmas carol from their country and congratulates the others.
4 January NGOs of the Church in Your town/country The term NGO is used to identify organizations that are not part of the governmental or corporate spheres and whose primary purpose is social good. There are NGOs whose philosophy is of a Christian religious nature. Each group presents the websites of Christian NGOs operating in their locality or country. If one is very important, a representative of the NGO can be invited to participate briefly.
5 February CHURCH most important church in your city In Christianity, a church is a temple for public religious worship. Each building with such a function is given the same name as the gathering of the faithful and the ecclesiastical institution, as well as other meanings. Make a triptych about the most important church in the city. It should contain the following information: history and year of construction, type of architecture, images that preside over it, address and website, photos, any special features, etc.
6 March LENT - HOLY WEEK Lent is the liturgical season of conversion, to prepare us for the great feast of Easter. Lent lasts 40 days; it begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Palm Sunday, the day on which Holy Week begins. Through a videoconference and by sharing different images, we will present how Lent and Holy Week are celebrated in each country: celebrations, traditions, liturgy, processions or popular manifestations, music,...
7 April PASTORAL EXPERIENCES Christian groups By 'pastoral experiences' we mean group experiences of faith that take place within the church: catechesis for children, Christian groups for young people and adults, scouts, reflection groups... After researching the different pastoral experiences in the locality/country, make an infographic or map of the different pastoral groups operating in the country, diocese or locality.
8 May SHARED PRAYER End of the Course At the end of the course, we will experience a shared prayer among the different groups in which we can give thanks to God for the experience of getting to know each other. To make a shared prayer following a proposed outline for the celebration, which we will share among the participants.