Be the Change

Be the change

One of the things that best drives Planet Fraternity is to be part of change. That is why, in this area, the students will be able to work, in groups, with students from other schools, on real problems, with the intention of building together a more human, solidary, fraternal and sustainable world.

They will work interacting with each other several times a week. The idea is also to strengthen friendships between countries, working on the challenges of the I CAN through the DESIGN FOR CHANGE methodology that supports this project.

What is this methodology? Follow the phases of feeling, imagining, doing and sharing in each of the monthly challenges. All the students will have the opportunity to actively participate with different roles that will lead them to carry out different activities or make decisions in front of the project. In short, making children the protagonists of change.

Following the message of Pope Francis Be the Change underlines the need for triple courage:

  1. 1) The courage to put the person in the center.
  2. 2) The courage to invest the best energies with creativity and responsibility.
  3. 3) The courage to form people willing to put themselves at the service of the community.

9 months, 9 cultures

Learning different realities makes our reality richer..

Each month of the course we will work on different challenges as a team with colleagues from a different country..

Learn to face global problems

We unite the desire to provide solutions to challenges that concern us all..

Listening, empathizing, prioritizing, respecting...

By listening to others we learn about other cultures that differentiate us, but also that make us see that human beings have feelings that unite them above cultures and beliefs..

Teleworking as a team

We get involved in today's world and give our children a real experience of what it is like to work in a globalized world. We will use the online medium to communicate beyond any spatial-temporal boundaries..

Understanding and knowing others

In this globalized world, it is essential to know the different ways of thinking and facing the same problem..


Each student will have a role in the work being done whose objective is to provide a concrete solution to the proposed challenges..

Performance of different functions each month

Each month their function will change so that the participants can experience different positions within the equipment..

Worldwide Coverage

We will have friends on 5 continents and will connect with a common language which will be English as a vehicular language. The world will become one big common home for all OIEC students..

Be part of a different group every month

Be the Change is an intercultural sharing between children and youth from different OIEC schools in different countries. It seeks a brotherhood that provides solutions to crucial challenges in today's world. To experience belonging to a different group that at the same time has the same concerns and shares the Catholic values that unite all OIEC schools..