Faro Mundial

A Global Lighthouse

Planet Fraternity is a global lighthouse in the world.

Planet Fraternity provides this great resource to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship between all its members, giving them a sense of unity, belonging and cohesion.

Be the Change

One of the things that best drives Planet Fraternity is to be part of change. That is why, in this area, the students will be able to work, in groups, with students from other schools, on real problems, with the intention of building together a more human, solidary, fraternal and sustainable world.

They will work interacting with each other several times a week. The idea is also to strengthen friendships between countries, working on the challenges of the I CAN through the DESIGN FOR CHANGE methodology that supports this project.

Be The Change
Faro Mundial

I Can

The children will address series of challenges, identifying them, treating them in a critical, creative and collaborative way, through the Design for Change (DFG) methodology.

This is a response from our community to the current challenges, always with responsibility, imagination, collaboration and commitment.

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